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The story behind Michelangelo's stage name is best saved for the stage. His interest in magic, however, began when his mother brought home a book of magic tricks. A schoolteacher, home for the summer, she hoped to keep him busy so she could work on her Master's Degree. Instead, it became the summer of "Mom! Just watch one more!"

Since then, Michelangelo has collected a wide variety of interests and skills—all elements that he pours into the illusions and effects he presents. Art, science, architecture, music, theatre, literature, technology, dance—everything is added to the magically mysterious mélange from which Michelangelo crafts his craft.

Michelangelo's work has won multiple awards, both for performance and design. He has performed in six foreign countries. His effects and illusions are sold around the world and he has been published in numerous magazines and books. He often consults with other magicians and provides creative sets, props and effects for theatrical productions outside the magic world. He has toured with an amazing variety of performing arts groups, appearing as special guest star with an internationally-acclaimed symphony orchestra, dance troupes, fashion shows, film festivals and the Winter Olympic Games.

In addition to stage, corporate and television appearances, Michelangelo has dozens of videos online. He is one of the founding contributors to the Teach by Magic website and has numerous DVDs and short films to his credit.

If anything, Michelangelo is simply an avid collector of skills and experiences. And, of course, an entertainer always ready for a magic-loving audience willing to "watch one more."


When Michelangelo needed a replacement assistant for one show, and fast, he asked one of his theatrical contacts for a dancer. “Preferably a tall brunette whose looks won't be a contrast to mine, who doesn't mind being in the background, and can learn an illusion in 20 minutes,” he said. The girl he got was Kaley.

The first and last requirements she matched perfectly: Kaley's a wonderful dancer and she learned the illusion for that one show perfectly. The rest? Well, Kaley wouldn't be mistaken for tall. She's blonde, her girl-next-door looks are a complete contrast, and her charisma wouldn't let her stay in the background even if she tried.

The audience loved her. That was 2005. Kaley quickly went from the girl for one show to the girl for every show. She teaches dance, earned a Bachelor's degree in Public Health, and recently got engaged.

Kaley's first road tour with Michelangelo included stops in Bakersfield, CA and Las Vegas. Her many talents have influenced their shows together again and again; adding energy, emotion and beauty to every program.

Featured Assistants

Another fantastic dancer with a charming beauty all her own, Celisse brings an elegant gracefulness to the stage. She has worked with Michelangelo since 2007 and is the "Princess" in the new Picasso Princess illusion.

An illusion like Spare Parts demands a certain athleticism from its star. Kendall provides all that and more, with an adorable pixie-like attractiveness and unexpected sense of humor which makes her perfect for comic relief.

The Dance Corps

The heart of the dance corps beats so strong that Jo, Erika and Olivia get their own special segments during the Illusionicity show. They are beautiful, talented and tend to turn up in the most impossible places, just where and when you least expect them.

Michelangelo's program is an unforgettable showcase for his many artistic influences: painting, architecture, theatre, music and even the technologies of the future. His theatrical repertoire is comprised of fifteen to twenty exclusive illusions, interludes, audience participation pieces and dance segments, depending on the venue and audience.

Call today. We'd love to bring our cast and crew to your venue.

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