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Michelangelo's theatrical, award-winning, 90-minute, full-evening program.

Fine Impossibilities

A decidedly more intimate encounter with Michelangelo's world of magic and illusion.

Special Events

Unique presentations can easily be adapted—or created—in Michelangelo's workshop.

Illusionicity: Magic and Illusion in Concert

Michelangelo's Illusionicity brings together all of his exclusive illusions and interludes for an evening of grand entertainment and magical artistry.

Illusion set pieces are magically intertwined with audience-participation segments, comedy, music, drama, art, story-telling and—of course—spectacularly-choreographed pieces featuring the beautiful girls of the dance corps.

Like all the best magicians, Michelangelo sold his illusions not just with technical knowledge but with theatrical showmanship.

Illusionicity is the show that won the 2010 Arty Award. It's a 90-minute journey of imagination that explores the boundaries of what it possible—what is real—taking the audience to new places where dreams are tangible, magical things.

Fine Impossibilities

The Fine Impossibilities show is a more compact edition of Michelangelo's evening show, designed for greater portability and variety. For more intimate locations or programs where time may be limited, the Fine Impossibilities show delivers maximum entertainment value.

No mere sleight-of-hand technician—though he's more than proficient at trickery with cards, linking rings, and ropes—Michelangelo delivers beautiful assistants sawed in half, individuals transported from locked boxes and other mysterious disappearances.

The show's flexibility brings a large-scale, theatrical feel to a program that fits the demands of more challenging venues and audiences. Scalable and versatile, the show remains distinctly magical and always entertaining—just the kind of show that only Michelangelo can provide.

Special Events

Michelangelo's extensive theatrical background has given him a unique perspective. He not only designs and builds illusions for himself and other illusionists, he has also created award-winning stage sets, parade floats, plays, music, artwork, films and performance pieces.

A performance like Michelangelo's . . . can remind you what's magical about magic.

Clients around the world have relied on Michelangelo's skills to create something special for their special events. The first consultation is always free.

The Illusions

Michelangelo's illusions and performances are one-of-a-kind. Even when taking on a traditional piece, he creates a new experience by improving the design, elevating the presentation and making everything his own. No show looks like Michelangelo's. No show sounds like Michelangelo's. No show entertains like Michelangelo's.

Crated Casket

Michelangelo's exclusive "Misbehaving Light" illusion. One of our earliest and most popular!

Full-Length Video »

Spare Parts

A woman divided—again and again. This illusion takes "Sawing a Lady" one step further.

Full-Length Video »

Lady Through the Keyhole

A lady enters a locked box through the smallest of holes...with a little help from the spectators.

Television Segment »

The "Zingarina" Jacket

Some rope, a jacket, and more than one surprise. Even Michelangelo's assistant doesn't see this coming.

Picasso Princess

Michelangelo's version of a girl with a missing middle is unlike any other. More real—and surreal! Smile now....

Highlights »

The Wishing Table

In one of the show's most breath-taking moments, magic happens when your wishes are pure.


When faced with 16 stainless-steel blades, the only safe place may be...nowhere.

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The Art of Illusion

A beautiful woman, "consumed" by art, returns in the most unimaginable and striking way possible.

The Matrix Shadow

Tattered bits of shadow coalesce into something—or someone—more familiar.


The instantaneous appearance of a girl. Just open the window....

The Channel Changer

First developed by Michelangelo in 1999, this "Future Technology" illusion has been given a high-definition upgrade.

The Interludes

The Italian word "intermezzo" is a word that means "placed between." Like the word "interlude," it beautifully describes these bits of magic performed between the larger illusion segments. Intimate and often humorous, these astonishing pieces are as entertaining as any act within the show.

Voodoo Paper

What happens in Michelangelo's hands, happens in the spectator's hands. It's voodoo!

Full-Length Video »

Card Switch

The spectator tries to match Michelangelo's prediction.

Television Segment »


Michelangelo's exquisite "Symphony in Strings."

The Sword in the Book

Two unlikely props are brought together for a powerful demonstration of mindreading.

New Linking Rings

Michelangelo and a special guest take this classic effect to a whole new level.

The Zodiac Instinct

A random spectator selects a sign from the zodiac and finds that the entire audience has chosen the same sign.

Michelangelo selects performance pieces from the repertoire at his sole discretion. Show content subject to change without notice.

Michelangelo reserves the right to exclude segments for any given show, based on venue, technical limitations, time allotted, or for safety.

Technical riders will be issued as needed.

Michelangelo's Illusionicity
Magic and Illusion in Concert

Executive Producer
Shaun Moyes

Produced by
Michelangelo Magic Works, Inc.

Written and Directed by
Michael Christenson

Lead Assistant
Kaley Casaday

Tour Stage Manager
Paul Draper

Illusionicity Dancers
Jo Telesco
Celisse Halterman
Kendall Jensen
Erika Cox
Olivia Simons

Dance Segments Choreography
Rachel Gibson
Ashley Heath
Janalyn Memmott
Jo Telesco

Illusion Wranglers
Cory Zenger
Patrick Romero
Conor Robertson

Special Thanks
Sandy City Amphitheatre American Expression of Dance Dermatology Research Center Mask Costumes KOSY 106.5 FM Fox 13 News Freebies2Deals.com TightwadInUtah.com Shauna Christenson Myranda Moyes Cory Zenger Ronnie and Lisa Romero Neil and Kathy Moyes Anne Weichers Weston Fuller Nic Dewsnup Jeshua de Horta Laura Bedore Joan Peterson

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