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4 Sept 2010
Dixie State College
This past Thursday and Friday, Michelangelo traveled to Dixie State College in St. George, Utah to give a magical two-day series of workshops and rehearsal sessions for the Raging Red Show Choir. The popular choir, under the direction of Merrilee Webb, tours widely including a trip in 2009 to China. This year, they are adding a little extra magic to their revue.

Michelangelo taught several routines and illusions to the cast and created a new stage effect especially for the ensemble. The effect is called "Ribbon Through Seven." Pulling ropes through a person's middle has been a standard effect for decades, but Michelangelo's updated trick involves an astounding seven participants, including an unsuspecting member of the audience. After tying the seven people together with a silk ribbon, the ribbon is pulled visually through them all without leaving a scratch. Of course, the ribbon itself remains intact as well. Michelangelo also developed and trained the students on an "Appearing Diva" illusion, "Silks from Nowhere," his signature "Voodoo Paper" routine, and "Lady Through the Keyhole" illusion, custom-built for the group.

The Raging Red Show Choir will present their new program during the Fall and Winter quarters and anticipate taking the magic on the road again for another tour of China in 2011.

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