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16 Sept 2010
Michelangelo Wins Arty Award
According to the cover story for the latest edition of City Weekly Magazine, the annual Artys are given "to recognize the many forms of creative endeavor that seek to re-think the boundaries of art." Michelangelo is the first magician to ever receive one.

"Art—real art—is a discovery. It's something that hits us in a place that we didn't expect to find, making us think about things we didn't expect to think about, and feel things we didn't expect to feel. It's a dare—and sometimes it breaks rules."

Not only a good definition for art, but a good definition for magic.

From the hundreds of performances in 2010 and the many thousands of creative individuals, it's an honor to have been selected to receive one of this year's Artys. Here is the write-up from the magazine:

"Once, stage magicians walked the Earth like giants; nowadays, we all seem too jaded to surrender to illusion. ...Michelangelo clearly isn't ready to surrender to a world without magic. No mere sleight-of-hand technician—though he's more than proficient at trickery with cards, linking rings, and ropes—Michelangelo delivers beautiful assistants sawed in half, individuals transported from locked boxes and other mysterious disappearances. And he does it all with a stagecraft that reminds us how much of magic is the art of theatrical dazzle, combined with figuring out how to get you to look exactly where he wants you to look."

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